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“Salome illuminated! This edition presents Salome as a formally complex, richly intertextual, and generative phenomenon of international modernism...” - Heidi Hartwig, Central Connecticut State University

Beautiful Joe

One of the first animal viewpoint novels published in North America, Margaret Marshall Saunders’s Beautiful Joe tells the story of an abused dog and his rescue by a humane family. The novel fuelled humane sentiments worldwide.

Business and Professional Writing: A Basic Guide

A handy, affordable guide to creating strong technical and professional documents.

Welcome to the Circus

Rhonda Douglas's debut collection dazzles with its daring and dangerous prose. Welcome to the Circus , where every moment is a tight-rope act, precariously balancing on the edge of destruction.

Writing for Today's Healthcare Audiences

“Robert J. Bonk, the noted authority on writing in the pharmaceutical industry, provides highly useful and sensible coverage of what writers need to know to craft texts within a range of healthcare professions." - Stephen A. Bernhardt, University of Delaware

Domestic Manners of the Americans

Frances Trollope's famously caustic American travel memoir is now reprinted with Auguste Hervieu's original illustrations.

Philosophizing About Sex

“A superb new text in the philosophy of sex! Shrage and Stewart review the central issues and classic texts along with the newest issues arising as law, technology, and mores change (for instance: cyber-rape). A first-rate overview of the literature, both historical and contemporary, and a rive...

The Merchant of Venice

"… extremely useful. The introductory materials are lucidly written and very thorough. Most impressive, I thought, was the range of background primary sources the editor provides…. The volume strikes me as suitable for courses not only in Shakespeare and early English drama but also those that ...

Victims and Victimhood

“This book is so necessary to ethics. With the distinctive sensitivity and care that we have come to expect from her, Trudy Govier attends to the lived experiences of individuals. She offers good reasons to seek a more nuanced understanding of victimhood rather than dismiss ‘victim’ as a mere lab...


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