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The Blithedale Romance

“The Broadview edition of The Blithedale Romance is an exceptional scholarly achievement.” — Eric J. Sundquist, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of the Humanities, Johns Hopkins University

The Wooing of Our Lord and The Wooing Group Prayers

“This edition is a long awaited gift for scholars and students alike. Catherine Innes-Parker has produced an extremely fine volume that includes an edition of all the Wooing Group texts in the original, as well as a deft poetic translation.” - Jennifer Brown, Marymount Manhattan Co...

How to Read (and Write About) Poetry

“Susan Holbrook’s How to Read (and Write About) Poetry is a terrific textbook for helping students become more confident and careful readers of poetry.” - Deborah Mix, Ball State University

Literary Theory and Criticism: An Introduction

"A skillful balancing of erudition and accessibility, Anne Stevens’s Literary Theory and Criticism is a welcome and much-needed addition to the small number of books that introduce theories of literature in the classroom." - David Roh, University of Utah

Academic Writing Now: A Brief Guide for Busy Students

This handy guide helps time-pressed students write successful academic essays.

The Broadview Guide to Writing - Sixth Edition

“The Broadview Guide remains the most readable writing guide available—at any price. It’s the only usage guide I’ve ever actually read for fun. Moreover, it’s sensible, and it’s complete. The authors  assume nothing, but they don’t condescend. &hell...

Academic Writing, Real World Topics

"With Academic Writing, Real World Topics , Rectenwald and Carl have prepared the definitive writing-across-the-curriculum textbook. This book engages students and teachers in lively and robust topics, but it also introduces them to the world of academic disciplines and their various concerns." ...

Critical Thinking, 7th Edition, Canadian

"I cannot think of a better introduction to critical thinking that does not compromise philosophical rigor…. Not only does the book offer an excellent introduction to standard elements of critical thinking, it also addresses issues surrounding the media, assessing and organizing argumentat...

Happy Lives, Good Lives: A Philosophical Examination

This book offers a thoughtful look at a variety of compelling answers to the question, “What does it mean to be happy?”


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